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how simple is it to make a video in wpf?

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This isn't an easy problem actually. I would recommend using an available directshow filter to read the file data, pass it to a decompressor filter (since your video I'm assuming isn't a raw format like YUV), chained to a sample grabber.

The sample grabber will give you the decompressed raw images and you can use the Image class to get JPEGS to show.

To synchronize the frames based on framerate, when you capture the sample frame you can get the presentation time for that particular timestamp. This is how you'll be able to synchronize your videos regardless of framerate. The presentation time is a timestamp that indicates when that frame is supposed to be displayed. Each video will give you a different one and you can determine who should be displayed when based on that.

As far as caching goes you can seek on some of the decoder filters. The MPEG2 decoder that comes with windows exposes an


pin which you should be able to call back to and tell it to seek to a new time.

I would suggest using something like graphedit to test your filter construction

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