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I'm using the Visual Studio 2010 Class Diagram designer and it does a nice job of showing relationships between a parent class and the classes that make up the properties of the parent. In the below sample, we can see that the IFoo interface has a property named Bar which is of type IBar.

Sample created with the designer

However, if I add existing classes, interfaces, etc... that were created outside the designer it does not show the relationships. See sample below...

items added to designer that were not created using the designer

The code is all the same; and correct; but the representation on the design surface is different. For existing classes, is there a way to instruct the designer to make the correct links without having to manually recreate the items using the designer?

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I wasn't able to find a way to do it for the whole diagram, but I did find a Property level context-menu item (e.g. Show as Association) which fixes it one Property at a time.

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