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How can I merge two integers from a list into one? (in Scheme) Example:
'(11 223) -> 11223

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Assuming that the list has exactly two elements, and that both are numbers:

(define (merge-numbers lst)
  (let ((1st (number->string (first  lst)))
        (2nd (number->string (second lst))))
    (string->number (string-append 1st 2nd))))

It works as expected:

(merge-numbers '(11 223))
> 11223

Alternatively, without using a let:

(define (merge-numbers lst)
    (number->string (first  lst))
    (number->string (second lst)))))
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Perfect. Thank you. –  Mayhem Jan 21 '12 at 17:35
(define (merge ls) 11223)

(merge '(11 223))
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