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A few examples:

  • "ilikestackoverflow" would match "i like stackoverflow"
  • "thisisanotherexample" would match "this is another example"

I realize I could remove the spaces on the right hand to match the left hand, but I would save significant space and processing time by being able to go from left to right.

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How would using a regex save you space or time? –  Marcin Jan 21 '12 at 17:43

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It would only be quicker to remove the spaces on the right side than having the regex parser (something like a state machine) trying every single combination and backtracing everytime.

Does A BC match ABC?

The regexp could be ^A\s?B\s?C$

  1. Do I have an A first? yes go on
  2. Do I have a space? yes go on
  3. Do I have a B? yes go on
  4. Do I have a space? no skip (because of the ? meaning 0 or 1)
  5. Do I have a C? yes go on
  6. Am I at the end of the string? yes where are done here.

Comparing two strings is much, much lighter and will be faster.

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var spaced = 'i like stack over flow';
var nonSpaced = 'ilikestackoverflow';

console.log(spaced.split(' ').join('') == nonSpaced); // true

Use split(' ').join('') when you want to replace basic things. In this case there is no need to use RegEx, this will perform much better than a Regex.

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