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how can i change the error title in silverlight?!!! (1 Error)

enter image description here

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The Validation Summary has a Header property. You could simply set it in XAML or Codebehind and completely overwrite it.

If you need a bit more control, then override the HeaderTemplate. The default is too long to past here, but the important part is:

<DataTemplate x:Key="myNewAndImprovedErrorHeaderThanksToMiguel">
   <!--There's a border, stackpanel and other funky, but irrelevant tags-->
   <TextBlock Padding="4,1,0,0" Text="{Binding}" Foreground="#FFFFFFFF" FontWeight="Bold"/>

Now, you could simply use a converter for the Text to slightly modify it. The Binding's value will by default contain the text "# Error".

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