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I want to run an html file on a local android tablet and I would like to filter content in 2 layers.

  • select a category
  • Choose a price range (optional)
  • Then a style sorter appears that changes the options depending on the category chosen

I searched but didn't find any jQuery plugins that do what I want, so I'd like to hear your tips if you know of any or if you know of any way I can do this.

Also, is it possible to do sortable pagination without php and mysql?

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You can use jQuery to change the select options on the fly. There are several posts on Stackoverflow that cover this topic.

As for jQuery plugins that do sorting and pagination - you can check out either the tableSorter plugin or DataTables - the latter is a bit more bloated with features, but offers a very slick 'search' option to your table - DataTables example.

Both require you to have tabular HTML data, but both plugins handle all of the sorting and pagination for you (with options to customize default settings).

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