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I have this JS code:

Download.prototype.insert = function(stocks, exchange, cb){
    var self  = this
      , count = stocks.length      

        save(stock, done)

    function save(stock, cb){
        self.mysql.query("my query", [exchange.id, stock.Symbol], function(err, rows){
            if (rows && rows.length > 0) 
                self.mysql.query("my query", [rows[0].id, stock.DateTime, stock.Close], cb)
            else cb()   

    function done(){                
        if (count === 0) return cb()        

as you can see I pass a callback to the save() function, I would like to know if i can separate the queries to avoid using of function(err, rows){ .... }

the problem is that function wait two parameters err and rows, so How can I also pass a custom third parameter (the cb() function) ?


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I think the way you have done is ok, because inside the anonymous function(err,rows), you are still able to reference cb from outer scope. You dont have to pass cb again. –  Grace Shao Jan 21 '12 at 18:56
This was also my first thought, but I think Dail just wants to separate the queries and was looking for a way to pass the callback function, including the "done" callback parameter, to the mysql.query .. –  Leonhardt Wille Jan 21 '12 at 19:05
afaik it is down to the person writing the callback to to include the any required params, i.e. jquery's callbacks can accept params it is down to you as to whether the callback you are passing takes the params see this and play around with the params –  T I Jan 21 '12 at 19:08

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I hope I understood your question right ^^

To wrap your callback parameter, you can create a function that returns an anonymous function (the actual callback). The cb parameter gets wrapped into the context of the anonymous function:

function queryDetails(cb){
  return (
    function(err, rows){
      if(rows && rows.length < 0){
        //mysql.query ...
 mysql.query("query", ...., queryDetails(doneCallback));

Have fun!

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