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I have a Visual Studio 2008 Web Site project in a solution with a number of other assembly projects.

The Web Site project has 4 types of references: Project, bin, COM Interop, and text files.

The Project references autoupdate perfectly.

The bin references for managed DLLs autoupdate with .refresh files, which work well and can be checked into Visual SourceSafe.

My question is about how to manage the other two types - COM Interop and text files.

I have an OCX that, when added as a reference, creates an interop DLL without a .refresh file. Checking the interop DLL into VSS isn't desirable, as you then have to check it out whenever you build. Moving the interop DLL to another location to reference directly doesn't work as I need to strong name my assemblies, which requires the original OCX in this case. The interop reference doesn't even show up on the Property Pages > References page.

How do I get it to properly autoupdate? How can I fashion an appropriate .refresh file?

I have plain text files that contain licenses for the other managed DLL references. I created .refresh files that seem to work for both VS2008 and VSS, but weren't created for me automatically.

How should I be including the references in a way that works with VSS?

Checking in the license files in the bin directory leads to the same problem of having to check them out on every build.

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