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In the a official mongoose site I've found how can I remove embedded document by _id in array:

post.save(function (err) {
   // embedded comment with id `my_id` removed!

I'm interested how can I update instead removing this one?

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You could do

var comment = post.comments.id(my_id);
comment.author = 'Bruce Wayne';

post.save(function (err) {
    // emmbeded comment with author updated     
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Thanks! that works for me. –  Erik Jan 23 '12 at 4:46
Save doesn't seem to fire when I update embedded documents - and marking it changed doesn't invalidate it either. –  Kevin Wang Sep 11 '13 at 3:51

It shoud look something like this:

        { _id: "DocumentObjectid" , "ArrayName.id":"ArrayElementId" },
        { $set:{ "ArrayName.$.TheParameter":"newValue" } },
        { upsert: true }, 


In this exemple im searching the element from an id parameter, but it could be the actual _id objectId.

More here:


and here:

How do I update/upsert a document in Mongoose?

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