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I am having trouble inserting values into my Account table that's in a SQL Server Compact Edition database. I keep on getting an error that states

There was an error parsing the query. [Token line number=1, Token line offset =62, Token in error = s].

This seems to be a common error with SQL Server CE, but everything I have tried doesn't seem to work. Here is the code:

Public Sub addPlan(ByVal planname As String, ByVal plannumber As String)

    Dim strSql As String = (String.Format("INSERT INTO [Account] (plan_name, plan_number) VALUES (N'{0},N'{1})", Trim(planname), Trim(plannumber)))


        Using cmdAdd As New SqlCeCommand(strSql, conn)
        End Using

    Catch ex As Exception

    End Try

End Sub

Public Sub displayPlandt()

    Dim strSql As String = "SELECT * From Account"

    Using dtadapter As New SqlCeDataAdapter(strSql, conn)

        Dim dt As New DataTable
        Form1.dgridplanview.DataSource = dt

    End Using

End Sub

Another question that I have is how I am updating the datatable on the form. I call this method in the finally portion of my try statement. However, I am re-querying the database and refilling the whole datatable every time I need to refresh it. Is there a way to do the same thing without refilling the whole datatable?


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i think you miss end quotes.

Try this

Dim strSql As String = (String.Format("INSERT INTO [Account] (plan_name, plan_number) VALUES (N'{0}',N'{1}')", Trim(planname), Trim(plannumber)))
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