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I'm looking for a good framework that handles permission level for users to use in a large project

for example: I have 2 objects (DB tables)

  1. pages
  2. groups

a page has a reference to a group (many to one relationship), and a group may be referencing another group (as a tree)

I need a good solution for giving permission per group/page that will be inherited to the children of an object etc... (pretty much like in the file system)

this can be either php framework or ASP.NET with C#

thanks in advance

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If your are using ASP.NET (and you should;-)) ASP.NET membership provider is your friend.

It provides a complete authentication and authorization system that is fairly easy to integrate into a solution. There is a ton of documentation and tutorials out there.

Even better if you don't plan to use SQL Server are ASP.NET universal providers.

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If you user PHP (and you should ;)) you can use Zend framework. You have a Zend_acl module (access control list). Than can be customized to meet your requirements.

Take a look at their documentation


They define roles (for example group of users with specific permision levels) and resources (that roles can or cannot have access to)

Your task/problem: You should define your access policy from scratch

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