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I am looking for a tool/framework to do some simple, yet rather intensive visualization.

I have ~10000 points in a 2D space. All I need to do is plot these points, then have them animate from place to place on a second by second basis. Up until ~1000 points I was able to achieve this using Raphael.js in a web-browser, however I need a more powerful solution now.

Does anyone have any ideas where I should be looking for such a tool?

Preferred interface languages: Ruby, C, Java, Haskell or a REST API

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You could give Processing a try. If you're familiar with Java and C the processing syntax should be comfortable. Alternatively there is a JavaScript version, processing.js you could try.

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TK -- typically used with Tcl. A very simple cross platform GUI scripting language. I have been using it successfully for a variety of 2D UIs capable of displaying 10e6+ shapes on a canvas and have recently used it for C++ heap map visualizer GUI. Lots of cut/paste code fragments available on the wiki page. There are multiple ways to use it from within C++, including SWIG-based binding.

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