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User has_many :codes has_many :redemptions

Code belongs_to :user has_many :redemptions

Redemptions has_one :code belongs_to :user

Redemptions Model:

  class Redemption < ActiveRecord::Base
  has_one :code
  belongs_to :user

  validates :code_id, :presence => true
  validates :user_id, :presence => true

  after_create :increment_points
  def increment_points


When I create a new redemption it returns the following error:

PGError: ERROR:  column codes.redemption_id does not exist
LINE 1: SELECT  "codes".* FROM "codes"  WHERE "codes"."redemption_id...
: SELECT  "codes".* FROM "codes"  WHERE "codes"."redemption_id" = 17 LIMIT 1

Is something wrong with my associations? I have mapped it out and believed I could back track up the association redemption -> Code -> User

The one caveat to this issue is that a redemptions user is not the user that I am trying to increment points on. The code was created by a user and that is the user I am trying to update...


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has_many/one and belongs_to needs to go together. when you declare Redemption has_one :code, Rails expects you put a redemption_id on codes table and have the corresponding belongs_to declared on Code.

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Thanks that was it exactly. –  TJ Sherrill Jan 21 '12 at 23:31

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