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I'm trying to get the list of all the pages that a user "likes", both Facebook pages and external pages.

I know that the facebook pages (such as I can obtain them with the "me/likes" value from the Graph.

But for a page such as ( that has a like button (under the title) I don't see how to get those likes.

Is this possible? If not, are you planning on adding support for this any time soon?



According to the response below, even though they are added via the "like" button they are really "Shares". Now my question is, how do I get those shares? what's the graph for them? I tried "me/shares" but doesn't exist. Is there a way?

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Yes it is possible, but it looks like that URL only has shares:

Click here.

And here is a link to a tutorial for getting the data via jQuery.

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That's strange, since the button says "Like", and it says that me and 38 persons like that and the FB graph says 39 shares. Now, how do I get those shares? I tried "me/shares" but it returns an error. What's the path for these? – willvv Jan 21 '12 at 23:18

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