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I'd like to download a web pages while supplying URLs from stdin. Essentially one process continuously produces URLs to stdout/file and I want to pipe them to wget or curl. (Think about it as simple web crawler if you want).

This seems to work fine:

tail 1.log | wget -i - -O - -q 

But when I use 'tail -f' and it doesn't work anymore (buffering or wget is waiting for EOF?):

tail -f 1.log | wget -i - -O - -q

Could anybody provide a solution using wget, curl or any other standard Unix tool? Ideally I don't won't want to restart wget in the loop, just keep it running downloading URLs as they come.

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What you need to use is xargs. E.g.

tail -f 1.log | xargs -n1 wget -i - -O - -q
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With xargs wget receives the URL as a parameter so you do not need -i - anymore. tail -f 1.log | xargs -n1 wget -O - -q – pabouk Aug 22 '13 at 14:57

Use xargs which converts stdin to argument.

tail 1.log | xargs -L 1 wget
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Curl requires xargs as well:

echo | xargs curl --output example.htm
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