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I have a DataTable bound to a DataGridView. I have FullRowSelect enabled in the DGV. Is there a way to get the selected row as a DataRow so that I can get strongly typed access to the selected row's values?

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I'm not sure how to do it w/o a BindingSource, here is how to do it with one:

var drv = bindingSoure1.Current as DataRowView;
if (drv != null)
  var row = drv.Row as MyRowType;
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DataRowView currentDataRowView = (DataRowView)dgv1.CurrentRow.DataBoundItem
DataRow row = currentDataRowView.Row
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It is possible by getting following property:


One obtains a collection of type: DataGridViewSelectedRowCollection. It contains items of type: DataGridViewRow.

Then one can get bounditem with ones own type in following way:

DataGridViewSelectedRowCollection list = this.dataGridViewInventoryRecords.SelectedRows;
MyType selectedItem = (MyType)list[0].DataBoundItem; //[0] ---> first item
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You should be able to directly cast your selected row into the strongly typed row that was bound to the DataGridView.

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You try this.

DataRow row = gridView1.GetDataRow(gridView1.FocusedRowHandle);
if (row != null) { XtraMessageBox.Show(row["ID"].ToString()); } else return;

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