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Does Indy9 have any way to get a specific raw email header (say, "Subject" or "From") which still includes the transfer-encoding (ie: has not been mangled by DecodeHeader on older versions of Delphi with poor Unicode support), or would I have to parse the entire email header manually to extract this information?

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The TIdMessage.RawHeaders property is what you are looking for, eg:

Subject := IdMessage1.RawHeaders.Values['Subject'];
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Nice answer, except RawHeaders is only in Indy10, not Indy9. e-iter.net/Knowledge/Indy9/007544.html –  Jessica Brown Jan 22 '12 at 17:23
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I have solved the problem, calling IdMessage1.Headers.Values['Subject'] BEFORE calling IdMessage1.ProcessHeaders gives different results than after.

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