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Working on some code and I'm running into an issue I don't know how to fix using javascript.

I have days that is a collection of objects that look like:

day: 1
a: 10
b: 5
c: 9
d: 6 

and so forth.

What I want to do is have a function that I can pass days and one of the id's for a, b, c, d and have it do 'something'. (By something, I'm not sure yet).

I'm just struggling to figure out how to pass the identifier.

function returnAll(data, id){
   for (var day in data){
    console.log('On day' + day + ' , ' + id + ' has a value of ' data[day].id)

Which would ideally put something like this into the console: On day 1 , a has a value of ... On day 2, a has a value of ...

When returnAll(days, a) is called, I just can't get the id to link up properly inside of the function. I'll need to call this function for either a, b, c...The days can be dynamic so I need a function that operates just on the values of the id passed as the parameter.

Any thoughts?

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Try this to access the desired property inside your function:


Call it like this:

returnAll(days, 'a');
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Simple and works great. Thanks! – Runner2357 Jan 22 '12 at 3:03

In Javascript an object is an associative array. The following should do the trick:

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