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i plan on releasing a tool to back up gamesaves for a certian game but i am having problems with batch telling it to get its text. i get returned with Wput but i want it to say ftp://SPECIFIED_USER_IN TEXT FILE: Not quite sure if this is possible but i looked around(UPLOAD represents wput.exe) UPLOAD isnt the issue. the issue is telling it where to go.

@echo off
set /p user=./server_information/user.txt
set /p pass=./server_information/pass.txt
set /p host=./server_information/host.txt

ser world=worldname.txt
cd UploadingHandler
upload ftp://%user%:%pass@%host%:21/%world% %world%

any help? Thanks.


if you need better understanding here is a treemap:

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The SET /P command reads input from the console unless you redirect the input to be from another device, e.g. from a file. This is done using the < symbol:

SET /P variable=prompt text < filename

The prompt text part is optional. So, to give you an example using one of your files:

set /p user=<./server_information/user.txt
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Not sure if this is what you wanted either, but to read a file using batch you could do this:

for %%a in (myfile.txt) do print %%a

or: for %%a in (myfile.txt) do :adef

:adef print %%a

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You can't reference the loop variable outside the loop's context. Also, you missed the CALL command after do in your second example, and the entire command should look like CALL :adef %%a, if you want to use the value in the subroutine. Also, if you meant to read the file contents you'd need the FOR /F loop, not the FOR loop. Also, you could indent the code lines with 4 spaces to format them as code (they should also be surrounded by empty lines to be distinguished from the neighbouring paragraphs). –  Andriy M Jan 22 '12 at 6:20
As you can see I'm a tad rusty with me ol' batch commands, but yes, what andriy said :) –  CR0SS0V3R Jan 30 '12 at 7:02

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