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I have installed PostgreSQL on my FreeBSD 8.2 box. How can I open the SQL prompt so I can write SQL queries?

I can do:

su pgsql

Which opens a prompt but I cannot write SQL queries like SELECT or CREATE there. Sorry, I am new to PostgreSQL.

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What does this question have to do with Python or django? –  Burhan Khalid Jan 22 '12 at 4:57

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I use django's management command python manage.py dbshell to open the database-specific connection (same across dev / production).

It does other useful things like specifying the database and username listed in settings.py

Otherwise I'd have to type in something like psql db_name -U user

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Don't you have to connect to an existing database first, before making queries, on PostgreSQL? (BTW are you sure it's pgsql the command you want, not psql?)

If that's really your problem, you can connect to an existing database either when you open the shell:

psql mydatabase

Or after using the \c command:

myuser=> \c mydatabase
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