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I have a dom element with html inside chat contains some html elements I'd like to remove, while still keeping some tags that are ok.

I try to iterate through child elements all child elements and delete those that need to be removed

foreach ($node->getElementsByTagName('*') as $element)
    if ($element->nodeName != 'br')

But this throws a Not Found Error exception which not being caught causes a fatal error. How would I solve this problem ?

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Use the following instead to remove the node:

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phew... works like a charm, thank you –  tadoman Jan 22 '12 at 3:24

getElementsByTagName('*') finds all descendent elements, not child elements. So some of the $element you want to remove are not children of $node, hence the failure.

I'm not 100% sure what your intention is here, but most likely you just want to remove certain immediate children. In this case, do the following:

$nodestoremove = array();
foreach ($node->childNodes as $n) {
    if ($n->nodeType===XML_ELEMENT_NODE and $n->nodeName!=='br') {
        $nodestoremove[] = $n;
foreach ($nodestoremove as $n) {
unset($nodestoremove); // so nodes can be garbage-collected

echo $node->C14N(); // xml fragment after removal

Note that we make two passes: one to identify the nodes to delete, and a second pass to delete. This is because childNodes is an active list, so we can't iterate through it forwards as we delete. (Although we could iterate through it backwards.)

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