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I'm using Leiningen to automate the creation of a single 'uberjar' from several dependencies. (For a Web Start Application).

Some of the jar files are signed, and the uberjar process brings across their signature files (which don't match the new jar). I want to add my own self-signed cert and remove the old ones.

Is there an easy way in leiningen to remove these old signing files (or stop them being copied across)? I'm doing it as a manual step at present.

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See lein ticket #31. I submitted a patch, but if it isn't in the version you're using, you can put this in your project.clj for a fairly comprehensive ban on .sf files:

:uberjar-exclusions [#"(?i)^META-INF/[^/]*\.SF$"]
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This is what I was looking for:

:uberjar-exclusions [#"foo.sf"] 

From here: Leiningen has problems building a working uberjar

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