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I'm trying to refer to a variable that's made up from a string, so say $type = "pistol", then:

if ($number > $($type. "s_XP")) 

would be

if ($number > $pistols_XP) 

Obviously the top one isnt correct syntax, because I don't know how it should be written. Any help?

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The correct syntax would be:

if ($number > ${$type . "s_XP"}) 

However, you should be storing this data in an object instead (or perhaps an array):

$pistol = new Weapon(50);
$nuke = new Weapon(9001);

$type = $pistol;

if($number > $type->XP)
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Also: $var = $type . "s_XP"; if( $number > $$var ) ... –  Annika Backstrom Jan 22 '12 at 3:49
$type is actually pulled from a database as $rs[type], just simplified it for the question. thanks –  user1022585 Jan 22 '12 at 3:53


if ($number > ${$type."s_XP"})

But you should be using arrays instead.

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Correct syntax:

if ($number > $data["pistol"]["xp"]) 

learn to use arrays

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