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When I set android:background="@android:color/transparent, it sets my buttons background to transparent, but the outline of the button disappears. How do I set it so that the background is transparent but there is still an outline?

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You can use a custom selector that uses different nine patch image for different states of the button.

This link might be helpful

You might use this image...

enter image description here

I hope it helps..

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One approach would be to make yourself a 9-patch that has a border but transparency in the middle.

Here is an example:

Example 9-patch

it is an 11x11 pixel square with a 2 pixel black border. If you download this png and drop it into draw9patch and add the a pixel in the middle of the left and top then include the 9patch png file in your drawables and set


either save your 9-patch as "bground" or change that in the above line to whatever you save it as.

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