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I have a working reg exp:

  var re = /([^\wåäö]*?)([\wåäö]+)([^\wåäö&]?|$)|.+/ig;

When I replace it with this one it does not work any more:

  var re = new RegExp("([^\wåäö]*?)([\wåäö]+)([^\wåäö&]?|$)|.+", "ig");

Should not these two be the same?

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You should escape the \ using \\. When you type, for instance, \w inside a regular expression literal (/\w/), it follows the regular expression syntax (which allow w after a \). When you do the same thing inside a string, it follows the string syntax, which does not allow it. So, you shoud instead write "\\w" to achieve the same effect (in other words, the RegExp's source will be \w).

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Ah, yes ;-) - Thanks. –  Leo Jan 22 '12 at 4:16

\ is an escape character in regex as well as in a string. You need to double up your \s in the 2nd version.

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Thanks James. Your answer is short and right to the point (but I could only set one of the answers as the "accepted" answer). –  Leo Jan 22 '12 at 4:18

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