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Below code sometimes work as expected and other times creates empty files without writing into them or write part of the buffer creating smaller file. What have I done wrong here? Here I mentioned sometimes because successive calls do either of them. The code is to download a file from a server. Each time the readSize shows it has read the expected amount from the stream. But not always they are written in to the file.

    byte[] bytes = new byte[socket.getSendBufferSize()];

    long readSize = 0;
    int length = 0;
    while (readSize < fileSize
            && (length = socket.getInputStream().read(bytes)) != -1) {

        fileOutputStream.write(bytes, 0, length);
        readSize += length;

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Where is the data coming from? i.e. what is the socket connecting to? Have you stepped through the code in the debugger to see whats wrong? – Dale Burrell Jan 22 '12 at 4:24

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Files are empty as while condition is false.

Add System.out.println("Inside WHILE") inside while loop and check when file is empty.. You won't see Inside WHILE when files is empty and vice-versa.

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