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I may be stupid, but I just don't get this the fb ui calls too well. Let's say my FB page tab shows fine - and it wants to call am image from the page's photos.

Page tab

Photo URL

I tried searching and posting all sorts of code to the page tab, but nothing was going right. All I have now is an onclick popup to an html page on my video 1 link - as a test. But I really want a "highlights" section that the user woud be able to click and have the pic pop up in the FB light box style. I am not a great coder, and I appreciate all your input.

What I am asking for is the code to make this happen, or an example of it happening somewhere so I can look at it and dissect.

Thank you!

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possible duplicate of Image and Video Lightbox in page tab iframe – ifaour Jan 22 '12 at 6:53

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You got the answer here, why are you asking again the same question? Image and Video Lightbox in page tab iframe

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I got an answer on using shadowbox - but I am thinking using the FB system for displaying the photos/videos might work. So its sort of a new route. What would help greatly is some code showing a picture popping up on someones iframe tab. That would do it for me - I think I can take it from there. – Michael J Nedell Jan 22 '12 at 16:53

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