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I'm trying to use AndEngine for my computer science summative (which is to design a game for android) to make my life easier, since I'm pretty new to this stuff and am by extension bad at understanding the stuff in the official Android Class Library. I'm also having a hard time understanding the AndEngine Examples because I don't know what the parameters being passed into the methods are for. So I was wondering if there was something like the Android Class Library for AndEngine (or any similar documentation, really). And yes, I've looked for myself. Thanks in Advance.

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There is this JavaDoc for AndEngine - it appears to be the GLES1 branch. I would consider it "unofficial" as I have not seen it referenced anywhere, but you may find this helpful

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Yes, AndEngine is suffering from lack of documentation, and this is community (actually - one person) project. Maybe, something will be different for GLES2 branch. – OleGG Jan 31 '12 at 16:01

There is this project to provide documentations for the andengine

also I recommend following some tutorials, there are bunch of them in the tutorials section

but if you wanna get something done pretty fast and actually have a working "game" try my tutorial here, gives you a simple start for using andengine to create a simple game

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