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I'm attempting to add data to a table and linq to entities throws an excpetion with:

Unable to update the EntitySet 'XXXX' because it has a DefiningQuery and no element exists in the element to support the current operation.

The table I'm trying to add data has no primary key and if I add a column of int and set it as primary key, the problem goes away, but in a purist/OCD sense, this column is not necessary

UserTable      UserGroup               GroupTable
ID Name        UserId GroupId          ID Name 

Does adding data to a DB table with Linq to Entities (EDMX) require that the table have a primary key?

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You can manually edit the generated .edmx file, look for Error strings and correct them. It turns out that EF does need a primary key for every table (which is not a many-to-many relationship).

More on tables without primary keys and why it is considered wrong to EF: http://www.i-think22.net/archives/2009/07/24/linq-to-sql-and-tables-with-no-primary-key/

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