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I am new to github and was wondering how do I do the following tasks.I have setup the Egit in my eclipse loaded the keys and I have the start and upload the project and everything is working. Now here are few things that I need to do and help would be appreciated. I am using a free github account

How do I allow users to work on my project or give them access to my code for checkout and checkin and merge etc. How do I create a release when the project is in a good condition and how do I revert back to the previous release?


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Without repeating the answers from "Adding a collaborator to my free GitHub account?", I can add that:

  • preparing a new release is simply about making a tag (menu Team / Tag) on your local repo through EGit, and then pushing that tag, which isn't completely natural with EGit, as shown by bug 341032:

It should contain refs/tags/*:refs/tags/* if you want to push all your locally existing tags.
If you only want to push one single tag you need instead refs/tags/mysingletag:refs/tags/mysingletag.

In EGit you may do that by running

  • Team > Remote > Push...
  • choose the right remote URL
  • click "Next"
  • click "Add all tags spec" or enter a custom refspec
  • click "Finish"
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