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How do you build IOVector from MVector? IOVector is documented as:

type IOVector = MVector RealWorld

I have a MVector like below, and will like to construct IOVector (for input to MSV.unsafeWith function - MSV is short-hand for Data.Vector.Storable.Mutable library):

v <- MSV.replicate 5 0 :: (IO (MVector (PrimState IO) CShort)) 
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type PrimState IO = RealWorld

(from the primitive package's source code)

So an MVector (PrimState IO) is an MVector RealWorld and, thus, an IOVector; you can use it directly. IOVector is just a convenience synonym so you don't have to type out MVector RealWorld all the time :)

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aha, good find. I had quite a headscratcher moment here, trying to figure out what RealWorld type was. – Sal Jan 22 '12 at 5:55

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