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For now, I've only found a way to listen to "reload" event using:

chrome.webNavigation.onCommitted.addListener(function(details) {
  if (details.frameId == 0) {
    if (details.transitionType == "reload") {
      // do something

What about "go back" and "go next" events? I'm looking for a Firefox's nsISHistoryListener alternative in Chrome.

Edit: Submitted a feature request to Chromium.

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You could use the window.beforeunload event to capture when a user intends to navigate to another page (which would be triggered when using the back and forward buttons).

window.onbeforeunload = function () {
    // do something

There is no way to get the target destination when using onbeforeunload.

More info here: Cross-browser onload event and the Back button

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