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I installed Oracle 11g XE and folder Oracle 11g xe is created in Start Menu but there are no links under it.

I have tried reinstalling

  • After turning internet connection off
  • In different partitions
  • After turning ON UAC which was OFF previously in my case.

but to no use.

Also the links

  • Get started
  • Database homepage

require authentication which according to ORACLE 11g documentation need the

username : system 
password : that one provides during installation 

But, It is not even authenticating.

Note: Accessed the links mentioned from the path C:\oraclexe ....\server.

I am assuming most of you what I am talking about here. If not just notify me.

Start menu links are not there as I said at start.

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Open start -> run & type in sqlplus. What happens? Are Oracle services listed under windows services? What do you mean by not even authenticating? –  Sathya Jan 22 '12 at 15:31
@Sathya sqlplus ,oraclexe and Listener services are perfectly working . when trying to access , authentication windows shows ..ryt ? so i provided the same login details as was created during installation . But that freaking window will not let it go. But when i try to access the internet shortcut "database homepage" the same authentication window does pick up the login details but it responds saying "The requested URL /htmldb was not found on this server" . –  MegaRacer Jan 22 '12 at 15:47

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