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I'm developing a page where i need to show a jqGrid with inline editing mode. (Razor view, MVC3) The Grid will have no rows initially but an empty row to add items and hitting "enter" upon the last field should save the row data, and then empty 2nd row should get created.

There are 4 columns in the Grid and the first column should be auto-complete. I have already written multiselect jqGrid which works fine. But now the approach changed to auto-complete.

I have already written controller method that talks to DB and gets me the values till controller. Those values are the ones to be available for auto-complete.

Can someone throw some light on,

  1. Writing jqGrid with auto-complete text box inside, which binds controller returned values(I could achieve it by keeping text box outside grid)

  2. Saving first row upon hitting enter and creating an empty second row

Edited: Here is my updated code:

                url: '@Url.Action("Skills")',
                onSelectRow: function(currentSelectedRow)  {
                    alert("Always triggered inside");
                    if(currentSelectedRow && currentSelectedRow != $.lastSelectedRow){
                        alert("Before Block 1");
                        $('#jqgSkills').jqGrid('saveRow', $.lastSelectedRow, false); 
                        alert("After Block 1");
                        $.lastSelectedRow = currentSelectedRow; 
                    alert("before block 2");
                    $('#jqgSkills').jqGrid('editRow', $.lastSelectedRow, true); 
                    alert("after block 2");

                datatype: 'json',
                mtype: 'POST',
                colNames: ['ID', 'SkillName', 'SkillType', 'RequiredDesired', 'RelevantExp'],
                colModel: [

                    name:'ID', index: 'ID', editable: true, width: 10
                    { name: 'SkillName', index: 'SkillName', editable: true, width: 150,
                        editoptions: {
                            sopt: ['cn', 'nc', 'bw', 'bn', 'eq', 'ne', 'ew', 'en', 'lt', 'le', 'gt', 'ge'],
                            dataInit: function (elem) {
                                $(elem).autocomplete({ source: '@Url.Action("GetSkillNameAutocomplete")' });
                    { name: 'SkillType', editable: true, index: 'SkillType', width: 40, edittype: 'select', editoptions: { dataUrl: '@Url.Action("SkillTypes")' }
                    { name: 'RequiredDesired', editable: true, index: 'RequiredDesired', width: 40, edittype:"select", editoptions:{value:":;R:Required;D:Desired"}
                    { name: 'RelevantExp', editable: true, index: 'RelevantExp', width: 40, key: true
               // pager: '#jqgpSkills',
                autowidth: true,
                rowNum: 10,
                rowList: [5, 10, 20, 50],
                sortname: 'SkillName',
                sortorder: 'asc',
                rownumbers: true,
                viewrecords: true,
                altRows: true,
                altclass: 'myAltRowClass',
                height: '100%',
                gridview: true,
                jsonReader: { cell: "" },
                caption: 'RRF - Skill Association',

Here is "Click to add a row" button

$("#addrow").click( function(currentSelectedRow) {

            var emptyRow = [{ID:"",SkillName:"",RequiredDesired:"",RelevantExp:"" }];
            alert("Before new row addition");
            jQuery("#jqgSkills").addRowData(emptyRow.id, emptyRow);
            alert("new row added");
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Look at the answer with the demo project. It shows how to use jQuery UI Autocomplete in searching. If you just define dataInit inside of editoptions instead of searchoptions you will have what you need.

UPDATED: You should read the answer which describes how jqGrid generate new rowid if the id (the first parameter) in the addRowData is undefined or an empty string "". To fix your current problem you can generate the rowid yourself and select the new added row explicitly with for example the following code:

$("#addrow").click( function(currentSelectedRow) {
    var myGrid = $("#jqgSkills"),
        rowid = $.jgrid.randId();

    myGrid.jqGrid('addRowData', rowid,
       {ID: "", SkillName: "", RequiredDesired: "", RelevantExp: ""}));
    myGrid.jqGrid('setSelection', rowid);
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Oleg, great!!! Thanks for the sample code. Auto-complete is now working. There is an attribute called "searchOnEnter=true"; but i want to "saveOnEnter" that should call a controller action with all entered values; also should insert another blank row. –  CodeMad Jan 23 '12 at 8:20
@CodeMad: You are welcome! About saving on enter and inserting of new row: keys: true parameter of editRow will implement saving on enter. Inside of `aftersavefunc``you can implement any additional actions like inserting new row if it's required. –  Oleg Jan 23 '12 at 8:39
@CodeMad: Something is wrong with the code which you posted. The 'Col1' column has no editable: true property. dataInit should be inside of editoptions. Moreover I don't see any all of editRow. You should not modify "jQuery.jqGrid.src.js" file to change "keys" to true. You should just use the corresponding parameter of editRow method. –  Oleg Jan 23 '12 at 14:41
@CodeMad: I understand, that if you add the first row it can be automatically be selected. You should select the new added row explicitly. If you use "" as the rowid it will be interpret in the same way as undefined: the new rowid will be generated with $.jgrid.randId(). So I suggest that you use the following code inside of click handler: var myGrid = $("#jqgSkills"), rowid = $.jgrid.randId(); myGrid.jqGrid('addRowData', rowid, {ID: "", SkillName: "", RequiredDesired: "", RelevantExp: ""})); myGrid.jqGrid('setSelection', rowid);. In the way you know the rowid and can use it. –  Oleg Jan 24 '12 at 8:38
@CodeMad: You are welcome! I am glad to read that I could help you. –  Oleg Jan 24 '12 at 10:23

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