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My default git folder is C:\Users\username.git

But I want to go into c:/project

What command do I need to get into that?

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The command is:

cd /c/project/

Use the pwd command to see in which path you are currently in, handy when you did an right-click "Git Bash here..."

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Awesome, thanks! –  Sam Mitchell Jan 22 '12 at 14:06
Is there a way to save long directories? I know cd $USER will bring me to my users directory on windows. –  meiryo Aug 3 '13 at 16:14
@reubenjohn, using Console2 for console provides a setting "Startup dir". Btw this article describes to make the console Quake-style dropping down form top of the screen. –  Vorac Apr 24 '14 at 8:27
If there are any spaces in the path then you need quotes. eg: cd "/c/program files (x86)/git/bin/" –  CAD bloke Jan 24 at 9:34
@the-red-pea Paths starting with a / such as /c/project/ are absolute paths and always work regardless of your current path. when the path doesn't start with a forward-slash (relative paths) sush as cd project it will try to go that subdirectory based on your current-working-directory (pwd) –  Bob Fanger Jul 26 at 12:14

Go to the directory manually and right click.Select 'Git bash' option.Git bash terminal automatically opens with the intended directory.For your example go to your project folder.while in the folder,right click and select the option and Git bash opens automatically with /c/project.

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Pure. Genious. +1 –  Uw Concept Feb 21 at 21:08

pwd: to check where you are (If necessary)

cd: change directory

In your case if I understand you, you need:

cd c/project
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