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I have the following document.

   name: 'XYZ',
   SubscriptionPeriods" : [{
      "_id" : null,
      "PeriodCode" : "1M",
      "Fee" : "100"
    }, {
      "_id" : null,
      "PeriodCode" : "3M",
      "Fee" : "300"

An admin can update subscription periods; he can delete existing periods and/or add new periods in the same update. Initially I thought I could achieve this by doing PullAll(...) and PushAll(...) on SubscriptionPeriods element in one Update(...). But it turned out that mongodb doesn't accept a field twice in an Update(...). I could have done PullAll(...) and PushAll(...) in 2 different Update(...)s. But I didn't take that approach because if someone tries to read SubscriptionPeriods between PullAll() and PushAll(), he will get an empty SubscriptionPeriods and that isn't acceptable. So I came up with this; I created another element called SubscriptionPeriods1 in one update and renamed it to SubscriptionPeriod in another update. This looks to be working alight. But I am wondering if I am overlooking anything here ! I appreciate any comments that a MongoDB guru might have for me !

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Yea, that's true, driver not accept two operations on same field. But, there is much simpler solution for your case.

Update.PullAll("name", ..).PushAll("name", ..) equals to Set("name", bsonArray)

So you need simply set new array instead of old one.

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Thanks. It worked. Actually, I did try Set(...) but it failed with an error saying 'Array can't be at the root of the bson document'. I used something like Set("ArrayElementName",List<SomeType>.ToBsonDocument()). I think it is ToBsonDocument() that complained by saying 'array can't be at the root. I didn't realize that then and went ahead trying various other options before settling with the Rename(...). Nonetheless, BsonArray as the second argument to Set works ! –  user1163459 Jan 23 '12 at 10:26
@user1163459: you are welcome. –  Andrew Orsich Jan 23 '12 at 11:53
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