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First, let me say that I am aware of the cons of using recursive Makefiles. So if you are here just to tell me don't use it, please don't.

Imagine this directory structure:

`-- subdir
    |-- a
    |-- b
    `-- c

Let's say the Makefile on rootdir reads like this:

.PHONY: all
    # build some stuff
    $(MAKE) -C subdir

and the one in subdir reads like this:

.PHONY: all
    # nothing here except redirecting make to each of the subdirectories
    $(MAKE) -C a
    $(MAKE) -C b
    $(MAKE) -C c

and another Makefile in each of a, b and c folders building something.

Since the Makefile in subdir serves no purpose except redirecting make, I want make not to print: Entering directory rootdir/subdir and Leaving directory rootdir/subdir to clean up the output a bit.

On the other hand, since there are commands being executed in the subfolders a, b and c, I do want make to print these outputs. Here's what I thought would work:

rootdir's Makefile:

.PHONY: all
    # build some stuff
    $(MAKE) --no-print-directory -C subdir

subdir's Makefile:

.PHONY: all
    # nothing here except redirecting make to each of the subdirectories
    $(MAKE) --print-directory -C a
    $(MAKE) --print-directory -C b
    $(MAKE) --print-directory -C c

The problem is, once the --no-print-directory is given to make when calling make for subdir, --print-directory doesn't enable it again when calling make for a, b or c.

So my question is, how can I re-enable printing directories when a parent make has disabled it?

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Make command line flags get communicated to sub-makes via MAKEFLAGS variable. You may like to replace --no-print-directory (if any) from MAKEFLAGS with w manually before invoking the sub-makes:

${MAKE} MAKEFLAGS="$(subst --no-print-directory,w,${MAKEFLAGS})" -C ...
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It worked, thanks. Although I was hoping for something cleaner! –  Shahbaz Jan 22 '12 at 14:47

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