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int main() {
  int i, j, matrix[2][3], vector[6];

  //filling the matrix with element
      cin >> matrix[i][j];
  for(i=0;i<2;i++) {
      cout << matrix[i][j];
    cout << endl;
  //filling the vector with matrix elements
  for(i=0;i<2;i++) {
      vector[j] = matrix[i][j];
  //show the vector
  for(j=0;j<6;j++) {
    cout << vector[j];
  return 0;
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In this line:


you only use the column index (j) of the matrix element, so you write to (in order) position 0, 1, 2, 0, 1, 2 of vector (leaving position 3 to 5 blank).


vector[i*3 + j]=matrix[i][j];
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