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I grabbed this compact news reader from here Below is the code for animating the ease in and ease out of the previews as the links are clicked on. I change the dimensions of the whole page from a height of 300 to 600. I did some googling and the animate part of jquery animates a CSS property of the element. So I worked from there. Thought I had things working but I didn't so I thought I would start from scratch again.

Could any one explain this as it reads? For example, and I'm just guessing, "animate page element's top css to -300px... the rest of the line I don't understand.

Thank you for any help, harassment, or pointers.



                var $item = $(this);

                    var $this       = $(this);
                    var idx         = $(this).data('idx');
                    var $current    = $cn_preview.find('.cn_content:nth-child('+current+')');
                    var $next       = $cn_preview.find('.cn_content:nth-child('+idx+')');

                    if(idx > current){
                    else if(idx < current){
                    current = idx;
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Ill explain;

$current. //the element you are on
    stop(). //stop all running animations
    animate( //start a new animation
        {'top':'-300px'}, //animate till this element's top style is -300px
        600, //the animation will take 600ms
        'easeOutBack', //it will use the EaseOutBack easing function
        function(){ //callback, that gets called as soon as the animation finishes
            $(this).css({'top':'310px'}); //set the element's top style to 310px

so in other words, this function doesn't do anything very smart. It animates and in the end it jumps to a different place anyway.. regardless, hope I helped :)

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Thank you for your answer. –  rd42 Jan 22 '12 at 14:50
your welcome :) –  japrescott Jan 22 '12 at 14:53

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