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I am making a project where I want to build a user profile. In this user profile, I want to provide the field for employers and skills. Both of these fields have many to many relationship. One user can have multiple employers and each employer can have different users linked to it. The same is for skills.

To the user I want to provide a field, where it can enter the employers separated by space, and also provide Add another employer button. This is very similar to django-tagging application.

But I cannot put the tagfield there because my tags are very generic and span across different models. I am using an tagging-autocomplete on it. And I just want the employers to come in the autocomplete field and not just any tag.

This can be done using ManyToMany fields but I have not found any good tutorial that shows how I can do that.

Any help or direction is appreciated.

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I belive, it is not similar how django-tagging works inside, because what you need is just a widget to select users. And this widget should have autocomplete.

Take a look at the answers on Facebook style JQuery autocomplete plugin question.

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But how will I setup the ManytoMany fields? And why I am saying it is similar to django-tagging because we can enter multiple tags separated by spaces in a tagfield –  Sachin Jan 22 '12 at 17:00
TagField is just a helper, it is not neccessary to establish connection between the object and it's tags. –  Alexander Artemenko Jan 23 '12 at 11:06

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