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so i've got a view method in multiple controllers which mostly looks exactly the same:

  def show
    show! do |format|
      format.json do
        if @text.activated?
          render_for_api :texts_all, :json => @text
          render :nothing => true
      format.pdf do
        pdf = QrPdf.new(@text)
        send_data pdf.render, filename: "text_#{@text.id}.pdf", type: "application/pdf"

the models for this are different, but they all have the same attributes that are used in this method (activated, log, id). i also could change the render_for_api given hash from which is currently texts_all, documents_all etc to a hash that its everywhere the same.

is there a way to use this code in multiple models without having this enormous duplication?

i'm thankful for every hint! especially i find it hard to deal with the do |format| block. but also i'm not sure where to put the code and how to use it with different types of models.

thank you.

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If the model is truly generic:

def show
  show_model @text

I'm not sure what show! is, but that part you can figure out. Roughly (untested):

def show_model(obj)
  show! do |f|
    f.json do
      return render(:nothing => true) unless obj.activated?

      render_for_api :texts_all, :json => obj

    f.pdf do
      opts = { filename: "text_#{obj.id}.pdf", type: "application/pdf" }
      send_data QrPdf.new(obj).render, opts

As far as where show_model lives, I tend to put things like that into a base controller, or as a mixin, but there may be better options. Since I usually have a base controller, it's just easy to keep it there.

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That would have been my answer as well! Depending on the size/complexity of your app I'd just drop it in to ApplicationController as a private method – Chris Bailey Jan 22 '12 at 16:17
show! comes from the inherited_resources gem(github.com/josevalim/inherited_resources). okay, so do you think i could put it inside my application_controller.rb. every controller inherits from this one, a good idea? – choise Jan 22 '12 at 16:24
@choise There, or your own base controller--but it looks like inherited_resources has its own base class, so your app controller would need to extend that if it doesn't already. Also don't know what the base class method does (the ! methods) so you'd need to make sure that was compatible with arbitrary models. – Dave Newton Jan 22 '12 at 16:28
works fine in application_controller. thank you – choise Jan 22 '12 at 16:38
@choise Sweet; glad you worked it out :) – Dave Newton Jan 22 '12 at 16:51

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