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I can style visited links with a:visited. I want to the same for links to pages I have in my browser favorites.

I wonder if Firefox has a pseudo-class for that.

Then I could style them with the addon "Stylish".

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I wonder if Firefox has a pseudo-class for that.

I could not find anything in this list of Mozilla-specific CSS extensions that does what you want, so most likely there isn't such a pseudo-class.

There is definitely no such pseudo-class in standard CSS, though, but I think you already know that since you're asking specifically about a Firefox extension.

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There's a good reason this doesn't exist: It can be used in conjunction with getComputedStyle to invade your privacy (using javascript to report what you may have bookmarked).

This was also a problem with the :visited selector and Mozilla rectified it:

I suppose they could do the same for :bookmarked or something, but as of now this doesn't exist.

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