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I am almost finished with my game now, but today I encountered a real anoying problem. When I start the game and just wait for a few secounds, the program automaticly shuts down. And I ahve no explonation fot it.

This is what my logcat shows:

01-22 16:20:31.232: DEBUG/szipinf(333): Initializing inflate state
01-22 16:20:31.563: DEBUG/PhoneWindow(333): couldn't save which view has focus because the focused view com.JDLApps.Snake.FrameWork.AndroidFastRenderView@4050f950 has no id.
01-22 16:20:36.362: WARN/ActivityManager(73): Activity pause timeout for HistoryRecord{406532f8 com.JDL.Apps.Snake/.SnakeGame}
01-22 16:20:43.682: INFO/ActivityManager(73): Start proc com.android.launcher for activity com.android.launcher/com.android.launcher2.Launcher: pid=358 uid=10026 gids={}
01-22 16:21:20.393: ERROR/InputDispatcher(73): channel '406762c0 com.JDL.Apps.Snake/com.JDL.Apps.Snake.SnakeGame (server)' ~ Consumer closed input channel or an error occurred.  events=0x8
01-22 16:21:20.402: ERROR/InputDispatcher(73): channel '406762c0 com.JDL.Apps.Snake/com.JDL.Apps.Snake.SnakeGame (server)' ~ Channel is unrecoverably broken and will be disposed!
01-22 16:21:21.092: INFO/WindowManager(73): WIN DEATH: Window{406762c0 com.JDL.Apps.Snake/com.JDL.Apps.Snake.SnakeGame paused=false}
01-22 16:21:21.142: WARN/ActivityManager(73): Timeout of broadcast BroadcastRecord{40728640 android.intent.action.TIME_TICK} - receiver=android.app.LoadedApk$ReceiverDispatcher$InnerReceiver@406300f8, started 56630ms ago
01-22 16:21:21.142: WARN/ActivityManager(73): Receiver during timeout: BroadcastFilter{4062f930 ReceiverList{4062f8b8 73 system/1000 local:406300f8}}
01-22 16:21:21.172: INFO/ActivityManager(73): Process com.JDL.Apps.Snake (pid 333) has died.
01-22 16:21:21.362: INFO/WindowManager(73): WIN DEATH: Window{4072b188 SurfaceView paused=false}
01-22 16:21:21.443: INFO/ActivityManager(73): Low Memory: No more background processes.

I have unfortunately no code to share because I don't know were the program crashes.

EDIT: Drawing code:

public void screen(float deltaTime) {
    Graphics g = app.getGraphics();

    g.drawPixmap(Assets.background, 0, 0);

    g.drawPixmap(Assets.facebook, 750, 20);

    g.drawText("SNAKE", 10, 150, Color.BLACK, 150, AndroidGraphics.LEFT,
            null, 0);
    g.drawText("START", g.getWidth() / 2, g.getHeight() - 20, Color.BLACK,
            120, AndroidGraphics.CENTER, startRec, 0);
    g.drawText("HIGHSCORE", 20, 275, Color.BLACK, 50, AndroidGraphics.LEFT,
            highRec, 0);
    g.drawText("MORE APPS", g.getWidth() - 20, 275, Color.BLACK, 50,
            AndroidGraphics.RIGHT, moreRec, 0);
    if (Settings.soundEnabled)
        g.drawPixmap(Assets.buttons, new Rect(0, 0, 100, 100), new Rect(0,
                380, 100, 480));
        g.drawPixmap(Assets.buttons, new Rect(100, 0, 200, 100), new Rect(
                0, 380, 100, 480));

drawText method:

public void drawText(String text, int x, int y, int color, int size,
        int position, Rect bounds, int rotation) {
    if (position == LEFT)
    else if (position == CENTER)
    else if (position == RIGHT)
    Typeface typeface = Typeface.createFromAsset(assets, "typewrite.TTF");
    if (bounds != null) {
        Rect rec = new Rect();
        paint.getTextBounds(text, 0, text.length(), rec);
        bounds.bottom = y;
        bounds.top = y - rec.height();
        if (position == CENTER) {
            bounds.left = x - rec.width() / 2;
            bounds.right = x + rec.width() / 2;
        } else if (position == RIGHT) {
            bounds.left = x - rec.width();
            bounds.right = x;
        } else if (position == LEFT) {
            bounds.left = x;
            bounds.right = x + rec.width();
        } else
    canvas.rotate(rotation, x, y);
    canvas.drawText(text, x, y, paint);
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The memory leak isn't in your drawing code. One likely place to look is in your activity lifecycle code. The logs seem to indicate that you are using a client/server architecture; another may be in your IPC or networking code. –  Ted Hopp Jan 22 '12 at 17:23
Are yuo sure? When I remove the drawText() method, the program does now crash. –  Daniel Jan 22 '12 at 17:27
Hmm. Try loading your font once when the program starts instead of every time you draw text. –  Ted Hopp Jan 22 '12 at 17:59
Works fine now thank to that :) –  Daniel Jan 22 '12 at 19:23
Glad that worked. I'm curious why you marked thinksteep's answer as the solution. –  Ted Hopp Jan 22 '12 at 19:34

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You have a memory leak somewhere. See this blog post in the developer docs for tools that you can use to track it down. Also see this blog post for programming tips to avoid leaking memory in Android applications.

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~ Channel is unrecoverably broken and will be disposed!  

01-22 16:21:21.443: INFO/ActivityManager(73): Low Memory: No more background processes. 

It seems your game using two much memory (or) memory leak. You may need to log the memory usage of your process using some of techniques described in this discussion and take from there.

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But how can that be when I'm just drawing some text and a one-colored-background? That shouldn't take up much memory. What shall I do? –  Daniel Jan 22 '12 at 16:38
@Daniel - if your code is as simple as you describe, post it in its entirety and we can look at where it might be leaking. –  Ted Hopp Jan 22 '12 at 16:41
I have done it now.. –  Daniel Jan 22 '12 at 17:12

With the single-step debug, I got the detail error: you must supply layout_height attribute in .... It did work for my situation.

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