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This question is about Eclipse and the PHP plugin.

What I'm looking for is a simple thing that I can't find and it bother me a lot!
I try to get a Version Number of the current project I edit.

I explain myself, I make various website with the framework I have developped and I use many computer. So when I edit the framework, I sometimes update the other website, but not everytime (so I exclude the svn option or automatic update).

What I really like is to have an automatic Version Number, in any form (date, letter, number...) that can indicate me which code is the more recent and that I can include in every script file and possibly be refresh automatically ! example:

/** Version 2.0245796 
  * OR
  * Last Edit : 12/01/12 

I don't really know if it's possible, I've find that the android sdk have such a thing, but not for PHP (can't find any information).

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This is what versioning systems like svn are for, so you can use keywords like $Rev$ that will be expanded to reflect current revision of file – dev-null-dweller Jan 22 '12 at 17:40

You can use templates in eclipse for this ${time}

U sould check out Configure>PHP>Editor>Templates

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Kind of what I was looking for. But it's a definitive number, that you have to change manually. Bu anyway, I learnt something with that, and it will be usefull for me later. Thanks. Maybe if I combine this template with an automated task on Eclipse... – h1fra Jan 22 '12 at 18:02

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