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I'm building a C# app that will likely contain a couple resource files to store strings for use in language translation. I'm trying to come up with a naming convention for the Keys in my resouce files. Has anyone tackled this before me?

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Just use Pascal naming convention. Dont attribute the key to a module or the class. Generalize it so that it can be reused.

Eg: ReadWriteWarningMessage

The dot separated convention works fine for menu items. But what about strings that are generated dynamically or user messages.

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have you considered underscores like Menu_File_Open or something like Place_StringDescription? I currently employ a scheme where common stuff go to Common_ like Common_PressHereTo and view specific go to their respective place like MainMenu_FileOpen. In general, before the underscore i type where the Resource appears and after the underscore a descriptive text.

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I try to organize it similar to the namespaces I'm using to layout the program structure. So if you have MyCompany.MyProduct.MyModule, then strings in that module would be MyModule_Blah_Blah. That way they're unique within the overall product.

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If you have a Name Value Pair in resources like

CloseConfirmation - Do you want to close the window without saving ?

Add a new class called Messages.

 public static class Messages
    public const String CloseConfirmation = "CloseConfirmation";
    public static String GetMessage( String messageId )
        return //your namespace//.Properties.Resources.ResourceManager.GetString( messageId );

and to access it use

MessageBox.Show( Messages.GetMessage(Messages.CloseConfirmation));

Hope this will help.

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This isn't about naming conventions of keys but more about strategies on how to access messages in resource files. –  Juri May 22 '09 at 5:11
Thanks Prajeesh, I can access the resource without a problem. My issue though is that I may have several hundred keys, and want an easy way to look them up. I've come across a hoerarchical convention like: Menu.File.Open as an example for a menu caption. I like this approach, but decimals are not premitted when using strongly-typed resources (which I am). Thanks though... –  Dawsy May 22 '09 at 5:45

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