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I have lots of text marked up like this:

<span class="section">[<a href="blablabla">Section</a>]</span>

I need to remove everything that has class="section" including span tags and text inside it. I'm looking for a regex or an alternativeto automate this task.

Any clues?

edit: Im up to anything that helps me solve this, i thought regex was the easier way. i'm coding in PHP.


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Contrary to the silly non-answers, it's possible, just not easy with a regex. More trivial would be querypath which allows for: print htmlqp($html)->remove(".section")->top()->html(); –  mario Jan 22 '12 at 19:14

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If your section-class tags don't contain elements of the same type (e.g. you do not have spans containing spans) you can do this quite easily with a regex.

The following is the simplest:

$stripped = preg_replace('@<span class="section">.*?</span>@', '', $input);

This, if you need it, allows for any tag, any other attributes, and any other classes:

$stripped = preg_replace('@<(\w+)[^>]*class="[^"]*section[^"]*"[^>]*>.*?</\1>@', '', $input);
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That's exactly what i needed. Thanks! –  Peibol Jan 22 '12 at 20:58

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