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How would you remove a single character from a string?

string = string.Remove(3);

but it removes the third char and everything else.

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@SLaks: Those type of comments help no one. At least link to the documentation for canonical reference. (I'm not defending the bad question, just mentioning something bad I see all the time in the Python section) – Only Bolivian Here Jan 22 '12 at 19:07
Too bad the general reference close reason was effectively abolished... – Jeff Mercado Jan 22 '12 at 19:08

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According to the remove method signature:

public string Remove(
    int startIndex,
    int count

you need to provide a second parameter as the total number of characters to remove from startIndex:

string = string.Remove(3, 1);
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string = string.Remove(3, 1);

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string = string.Remove(3,1);

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Speaking theory, String.Remove() "does not" remove anything as strings are immutable. In the background it creates a new instance of string with the character(s) removed.

But, for the purpose you mentioned you can use String.Remove(3,1) to remove a single character.

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