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I have an object named Puzzle and I'm calling .map on it in order to isolate the 'title' values. I then use 'puts' in order to print them neatly but nothing is returned.

def puzzle_find
  title_array = { |s| s.title }
  puts title_array
#=> " "

If I don't use 'puts' then I get the array like this:

def puzzle_find
  title_array = { |s| s.title }

#=> ["title 1", "title 2", "title 3"]

I'm trying to make the output look like this in my view:

title 1
title 2
title 3


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The puzzle_find method should not be responsible for printing the array. Just return the array, and handle how you want to display it in the view. – Robin Jan 22 '12 at 20:31
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The collection of titles should be prepared in the controller (or exposed by the controller and retrieved in the model, or etc., as long as there's a collection of titles at the end of it all):

def controller_method
  @puzzles = ... whatever ...
  @titles = @puzzles.collect(&:title)


<% @titles.each do |t| %>
  <%= t %><br/>
<% end %>

(Or wrap it up in a partial, or use a helper. Above assumes scrubbed of HTML badness.)

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title_array.each do |title|
  puts title
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Hi When you say "my view", I assume it is html.erb file.

Use join method to insert <br/> into your array:

def puzzle_find
  title_array = { |s| s.title }.join('<br/>')

If your "view" is about console outputs:

Use join method with \n:

def puzzle_find
  title_array = { |s| s.title }.join('\n')

Example in irb console:

ruby-1.8.7-p334 :001 > puts ["a","b","c"].join("\n")
=> nil 
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