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My magic syntax would look like this:

public List<T> LoadItems(string fileName) where T : new (Dictionary<string,string>)
   List<T> List = new List<T>();
   while(reader.peek() != -1)
       Dictionary<string, string> NameValuePairs = new Dictionary<string,string>();
       //parse file and load dictionary with name value pairs
       List.Add(new T(NameValuePairs));


I would then like to be able to call this function like this...

public List<Class1> LoadClass1()
    return LoadItems<Class1>("file1.csv");

public List<Class2> LoadClass1()
    return LoadItems<Class2>("file2.csv");

public LisT<Class3> LoadClass1()
    return LoadItems<Class3>("file3.csv");

I realize that this can't be done like this, but is there a way to implement something that works like this, perhaps using an interface for my three classes?

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I assume you have a reason to read name-value pairs from csv, but just for sure: there are easier (i.e. .Net-supported) ways to deserialize objects. – Gert Arnold Jan 22 '12 at 20:29
I might end up doing something different and use the CSV files as "endpoints". I'll look into it. – Joshua Wheeler Jan 22 '12 at 21:00
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If your classes, Class1, Class2, Class3, all take a dictionary as a constructor parameter, you could have them inherit from a common base class and use Activator.CreateInstance(typeof(T), NameValuePairs) to create instances of your classes.

If you go that route, you'll want to make your generic constraint where T : BaseClass and do some error checking/exception handling around your type creation.

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Exactly what I needed. Thanks. – Joshua Wheeler Jan 22 '12 at 20:39

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