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Sorry, I've never done AS before, so I apologize for the basic question. There is a line in this file I am trying to modify:

var media:Namespace = rssXML.channel.item[i].namespace("media");

I'm just trying to check to see if it exists and if it has a value?

I know in PHP it would be

if(isset(rssXML.channel.item[i].namespace("media") && !empty(rssXML.channel.item[i].namespace("media")) {

//Do Something


What would be the AS equivalent?

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2 Answers

if (variablename) { // it's there } else { // it's not }
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All AS classes extend Object which has a hasOwnProperty() test which returns a boolean if a property with the name exists. Then you can test if (property) or if (property == null).


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